Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Short Plants

Short cannabis assortments are the ideal decision for a producer who has next to no development space and wishes to be circumspect about their plants.

The strains recorded here have been reproduced to develop with confined tallness, permitting for carefulness as well as for effortlessness with regards to development.

In spite of their little stature, short cannabis strains can even now deliver abundant, compensating leaps beyond any doubt to satisfy any cultivator.

Purchase short cannabis seeds from Seedsman today, including accumulations from Barney's Farm, Nirvana Seeds and Pyramid Seeds.

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The Joint Docter

In the course of recent years, the Joint Doctor has never breathed out, diving into an interestingly extensive variety of cannabis-related themes. A specialist on cannabis assortment trials, his hands-on experience incorporates mechanical hemp creation and in addition ganja-energized hereditary exploration. His works have showed up in such distributions as Cannabis Culture, the International Hemp Association Journal (Holland), and Heads Magazine. Somewhat more about the Joint Doctor Seeking out old and new cannabis landraces and assortments, development procedures, research techniques and social practices, the Joint Doctor has driven a veritable "weed odyssey" amid his (still short) vocation of 15 years.

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Kush Special

Afghan Kush Special Feminized Seeds by the cannabis reproducer World of Seeds, is a Photoperiod Feminized weed strain. These seeds develop in 8 weeks in Mid October (outside).

This Feminized seed develops well in Indoors, Outdoors conditions.

This strain has Pure Afghan Kush Genetics. It has a Very High (more than 20%) THC Content. The CBD substance of the strain is Unknown.

Settled male half and half. The dust is gotten from hereditarily adjusted plants. The male is gotten from a determinate amount of plants developing with a mitotic inhibitor that give us polysomic plants. This mutant half and half has been chosen and arranged with the best properties to get another potential hereditary in another cross.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hercules Seeds

Hercules Auto-Flowering Feminised Seeds by the cannabis breeder The 7 Dwarfs, is a Autoflowering Feminised marijuana strain.
This Feminised seed grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors conditions.

Originally Developed from Santa Maria genetics Hercules is a high yielding masterpiece.  By repeatedly crossing over numerous generations The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank have created a stable strain soon to become famous for its soaring high, copious resin production and powerfully delicious taste.  A bushy plant with large tight buds.

Sins OG Regular Seeds

Sins OG Regular Seeds - 15 by the cannabis breeder SinCity Seeds, is a Photoperiod Regular marijuana strain.
This Mostly Indica strain produces a Medium, High 300-500 gr/m2 yield.
This Regular seed grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors conditions.
This strain has Kosher Kush x Blue Power Genetics. It has a Very High (over 20%) THC Content. The CBD content of the strain is Unknown.


Chupacabra is SickMeds special sativa hybrid! It is crossed between their mother of The Wreck and their male Strawberry Fire selected to add an exceptionally high resin yield and an old-school hashy incense & kush flavour. As a result of this pairing their Chupacabra delivers gorgeous plants whose budding offers a pleasantly potent and psychedelic sativa effect with the added benefit of great resin production. Chupacabra will be ready in 8 - 10 weeks, due to the high sativa influence, plants are long limbed and prefer to be trained, which will also help to maximize production. Chupacabra plants have high resistance to mould and mites which makes it an easy plant to grow, indoor or outdoor, and produce great yields and extremely potent. The aroma of Chupacabra is wreckier than Kush, but it has a strong hashy/incense/Kush undertone and after taste. Buds are well formed and break up nicely emitting a wonderful scents from lemon, pine, kush, sweet to citrus fruits. The effects are focused, clean and potent, an excellent choice for late afternoon, having a balancing effect between perspective and attitude.

Monday, March 28, 2016

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We have been offering cannabis seeds online since 2003 and are viewed as a standout amongst the most dependable and solid online seedbanks on the planet.

Our organization has advanced essentially over the previous decade. We offer our own image of cannabis seeds - Seedsman, additionally stock 1500 strains from more than 65 seedbanks from each side of the globe.

Not just do we have a standout amongst the most exhaustive libraries of cannabis seeds on the planet, we now offer an assorted scope of cannabis related merchandise for you to appreciate including capacity items, dress and books.

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